There is no telling where Gary's beautiful wife Julie will be taking Gary McCoy for his birthday, but if you happen to see Gary in public today don't forget to sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Chances are Gary has done something for you. He will always try and jump in and help your non-profit out when he can. Maybe you were Caught in the Act or you received Birthday Kiss and a cookie basket and he called to tell you the good news, the least we could do, is sing or dance for him.

We would like to take a moment and thank the crew that has made sure that Gary McCoy has made it to another year. Julie McCoy you're a saint and we don't understand how you out up with a man who leaves you time and time again for the deer lease and for fishing tournaments. We are grateful that you have kept Gary around, the Lord knows there is only one woman who can handle Gary and his 3 sons. Bristol, thank you for making sure that Gary always has extra toilet paper on hand when he's eating spicy food.

Thank you Gary for letting us celebrate another year with you and Kiss Country! Check out 2 Chicks No Rhythm and Carter serenading Gary for his birthday below.

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