If you missed it, our very own Gary McCoy turned 59 years young yesterday! And since we never miss a chance to love on one of our own, here's the letter that I read to Gary this morning on air in honor of the 'King of Country™' in Shreveport-Bossier City!

Well, this sucks, another year older and neither of us hit the lottery. Guess we’ll both have to keep waking up early and doing this whole morning show thing. The cool thing is, you were actually off on your birthday yesterday, so that’s something. How do you tell the man you spend more time with than most married couples, happy birthday? I mean we get to have all the fights, imagine two toddlers with tear-streaked faces in the opposite corners with their arms crossed, but I don’t get to spend your check. It hardly seems fair! However, you’re the one I know who will always rescue me when I get stuck yet again, have a flat, or I’m just scared to drive to work in bad weather.

But here’s what I do know... when you can’t figure out what to give the man who has everything... a smoking hot wife, a beautiful family, a meaningful Christian walk, and a great job, (Hello, you work with me!) you’ve gotta dig deep. By no means am I a domestic goddess, but with the help of a friend yesterday, we baked up a storm for you. It’s your own stash of goodies for your man cave and the knowledge that I wouldn’t trade you in for anything! You keep hinting around about retiring eventually but know this when that day comes, I’ll be the one to hand you the fake gold watch. I love you, Gary McCoy, and happy birthday!

I hope you know how truly loved you are my friend. And for those who insinuated that I made him 'left-handed' brownies, I'll have you know, I don't know how to make those! Happy birthday, brother!


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