Though the temperatures we have been experiencing and will likely continue to experience in North Louisiana are not uncommon this time of year, the impact of this heat is still something to prepare for when planning to work or play outdoors.

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Again today, and likely every day this week, the National Weather Service in Shreveport has issued notices regarding the excessive heat.

National Weather Service Shreveport
National Weather Service Shreveport

The first of these for today is a Heat Advisory that will remain in effect until 11:00 am this morning.

Then, the National Weather Service says that we will have an Excessive Heat Warning that will continue from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm.  Beyond that time, another Heat Advisory will run from 8:00 pm tonight until 10:00 pm Tuesday.

For the Excessive Heat Warning that begins today at 11:00 am, we should expect dangerously hot conditions with heat index values up to 113. Then for the Heat Advisory that begins at 8:00 pm tonight, heat index values up to 109 are expected.

Biserka Stojanovic
Biserka Stojanovic

And the news for the remainder of this week looks like much of the same. The NWS goes on to highlight that hotter and more humid conditions are expected through all of this week, as an upper level ridge of high pressure expands into our region.

An increase in afternoon maximum temperatures is expected through this week, with many locations near or in excess of 100 degrees. When combined with the humidity, heat indices will likely exceed 105 degrees each day.

Thus, a Heat Advisory will likely become necessary through much of the week.

The Weather Channel's 10-Day forecast calls for a high today of 102. Tomorrow's high is forecast to be 104. Wednesday 106. Thursday 104, Friday 104 and Saturday's high is forecasted to be 103.

Those that must be outside are urged to drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks,
and limit exposure to the direct sunlight.

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