This week is Health and Fitness Week and it's a perfect time to join the fitness gurus where you work. And believe me, there are some. In fact, it seems like everybody at Townsquare Media Shreveport is on some kind of a diet or exercise plan. Let me introduce you to a few co-workers, who are going the extra mile to get healthy and stay health.

Gary McCoy - Brand Manager and Co-Host of the Turner & McCoy Morning Show on Today's Hit Country, Kiss Country 93.7 . Gary says he's lost 40 pounds since he stopped eating "all that good stuff" and started eating healthier snacks through-out the day, and working out. And wow, does it ever show! Gary gets 7-10 KEEL's Top Fitness Award for making his plan work. Check him out:


Gary McCoy- Winner of 7-10 KEEL's Fitness Award

The second place prize goes to James Stanley, morning show co-host of KEEL Morning News. James has already lost 19 pounds in only a few weeks. He says he's doing Nutrisystem and it's working. He also drinks a lot of water. But he says what he really wants to eat is on the front of the newspaper insert he's holding - Dairy Queen desserts!

Check out our newer, thinner morning news anchor:


Third place winner, which is 2nd runner up for the KEEL Top Fitness Award is none other than the new co-host of the new KISS Country Morning Show - Tracy Turner of Turner & McCoy. Tracy says she lost 6 pounds and 9 ounces in one day - when she delivered her baby. Here she is showing off that great figure she got back in record time:


Here's a video of our 3rd runner up of KEEL's Top Fitness Award: Marissa Tavantana-Diaz. Marissa is our Digital & Events Manager. I really don't think she's ever been overweight. She always works out and eats healthy. Check out what she does at work:

Last, and certainly least is me. I'm on Nutrisystem, but I cheat like crazy. I also just started back going to the gym and had a pretty good week - hit it three days with a 30 minute fast-paced walk on the treadmill and working weights for strategic parts of my body. I don't think I've lost anything on the diet I cheat on, but I did lose 5 pounds when I pulled my hair back!



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