Everyone in the Ark-La-Tex, raise your tissue-holding hand if you can't shake that cold and are confused by the recent weather.

Yeah...me too.

It's always been a long standing joke in this part of the world that if you don't like the weather here, just wait for a couple hours because it's gonna change. However, within the last month, we have seen some swings in temperature that just don't really make any sense.

Here is a graph from Weather Underground that shows our temperature and dew point from December 10, 2016 to January 6, 2017.

Weather Underground
Weather Underground

I mean... LOOK AT THIS!! There are temperature changes of thirty to near fifty degrees that happen in a matter of twelve hours! I've searched the internet to find out if there is any great reason behind it, but all I found was a bunch of global warming stuff. One article I did find sort of interesting is about El Niño.

According to The Weather Channel, El Niño is a circulation of warm water in the Pacific Ocean that drives weather patters across the planet. I'm not going to get all sciency, but what the article states is that the lingering effects of the latest El Niño will keep our winter here very mild with above average temperatures. Ok...but why is cold all of a sudden for a few days, then back up to t-shirt weather?

That's because when cold fronts move through the country, there is not enough warm, high-pressure air from the Gulf Of Mexico to push back, therefore the front just rolls over us, bringing that sharp Arctic air you're feeling right now. As that cold air is warmed back up, it dissipates, and we are back to our sub-tropical climate that we are used to. It just seems to be doing it a lot, and we never know what to wear on any given day, and I, myself, can't seem to shake this cold I've had for a month now.

So, if you're asking yourself when is it going to get warm again... just wait. It'll change soon. Starting Tuesday, January 10th, we are forecasted to have highs in the 70's which will continue through the rest of the month.

At least that's what they say now.

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