I know where the "naked man" lives in East Texas. My boyfriend's hometown is home to a man who loves to walk all over his property naked or so it seems. Naked Norm has his own Facebook page that you can like. When you start to follow him you'll realize that from far away he may look naked, but he's actually wearing a thong. People in the community have gotten used to it since Naked Norm isn't actually naked.

A community in Stuart, Florida has residents far from pleased with what has been happening in their neighborhood lately. Neighbors claim that when they see this unnamed man outside, he's always naked. This man even does his yard work naked. A neighbor told WPBF-TV "I came out Sunday night to put the trash out, and I look over and he is bent over, winding up his hose, and I'm like that is my view of the neighborhood. He works on his car, and he does it naked and everyone has called the police, he is just out there doing his yard work, whatever he needs to do outside, naked."

What has neighbors extremely riled up is there is nothing law enforcement can do about it. If the man isn't being inappropriate or touching himself he is well within his rights to rock his birthday suit on his own property. Police have advised the neighbors to just look the other way. How would you react if this was happening in your neighborhood?

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