Are you naked? Well you should be! According to Huffington Post and Science, we should all be naked all the time. They explain their reasoning with 6 key points:

  • Promote body positivity

Exposing your self and acknowledging your body will help you come to turns with your body image.

  • Keeps the "girls" healthy after breasfeeding

WebMD says that when you breastfeed and immediately put on a bra afterwards you are more likely to get an infection and cracked nipples. Allowing your body to air dry will reduce the risk immensely.

  • More boom boom time

You know what that means.

  • Helps with lady grundles

This ties into letting your body air dry. With the lady grundles being exposed to nature it helps keep pH levels balanced. This reduces the risk of UTIs.

  • You'll sleep like a naked baby

Not only will you sleep like you have never slept before, but it could boost your metabolism. Shivering is basically exercise.

  • You'll have a happier life

As long as you have enough OFF bug spray and sunscreen, I suppose you will be more happy. Huff-Po explains that  "an individual can increase their body image, self-esteem, and life satisfaction."

Nickelodeon via You Tube
Nickelodeon via You Tube

Nonetheless, I don't necessarily agree with being naked 24/7. I like blankets far too much to expose myself to the elements. However, if you feel the need to live the naked life by all means you do you boo boo.


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