A Louisiana man escaped the Hancock Medical Center in Hancock, Mississippi - wearing nothing but his birthday suit and a smile yesterday.  He was tracked down rather quickly by the sheriff's office and a K-9 unit named Taco, in what is sure to be the craziest 2 sentences I have ever typed for this site.

28 Year old Anthony Underwood of Marrero, Louisiana was in an unfortunate car wreck in Mississippi early yesterday morning.  When officers on the scene ran his license, they learned that he had outstanding warrants in his home state.  Since he complained about minor injuries he had as a result of the crash, Hancock County Sheriff's Deputies could not transport him directly to the jail.  They instead followed the ambulance carrying Anthony to the Hancock Medical Center, where they would wait on standby to arrest and detain him as soon as he was discharged.

As it turns out, Mr. Underwood had other plans.  According to the Sun Herald, he leapt out of bed and made a beeline for the hospital's exit, and left his hospital gown in his wake.  He escaped into the woods, and was pursued by deputies and an extra sharp K-9 unit named Taco.  After a short search and pursuit, Taco found Anthony - who was now in possession of a pair of shorts he had found somewhere in the woods.  The suspect resisted arrest and was subsequently bitten by Taco and tasered.  He was then transported to the jail, and is currently awaiting extradition.

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