If you clicked on this to find out where to go. I am sorry to disappoint. I just found out that my nephews might be spending Halloween at my place. I refuse to send them home with 8 pieces of candy. Since I am to be the adult supervisor I will have to tax my nephews. I get the Snickers, Twix, and the Starbursts. Life isn't fair, and unfortunatley trick-or-treating is going to be a life lesson for them. Taxes happen, but we do it because we love you? Or something like that!

Where are the best places to take kids trick-or-treating in the SBC? There are some amazing neighborhoods to check out right? I am going to opt out of any neighborhood that isn't well lit. I have seen way too many scary movies, and it is HALLOWEEN! Is there a fun church parking lot event? Do you know of any businesses that are planning on welcoming candy beggars? Let us know in the comments below!

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