Halloween is just 2 days away, and the temptation is higher than ever to out do the neighbors.  Unlike Christmas time, you have to come out on top when it comes to decorations and the choice of candy you hand out to trick or treaters.

Of course, the famed "house that gives out the full-size candy bars," is the gold standard.  I have never encountered this legendary jabberwocky, but I heard the rumors of this El Dorado of Snickers during my long and illustrious Halloween career.  Now that I am an adult (age, not maturity) the temptation to make the dream come true for kids who come a knocking on Thursday night.  According to a new report from Fortune magazine, this will end up more of a trick than a treat.

Fotune magazine teamed up with Wharton professor of marketing and psychology Deborah Small to get to the bottom of why folks choose to shell out the big bucks for the big candy and what the after effects (other than a massive sugar rush) were.  They found that 85% of folks passing out candy on the 31st are choosing smaller candies to hand out, and a full 15% were passing out the big boys.

The research suggests that the biggest reason for choosing the over-sized treats was to stand out as the go to trick or treat house (i.e. out doing the neighbors).  This will flag your house for sure, but be ready to go big every year from now on - you will be remembered.  With all of the technology available to kids now, they can drop a pin and mark you forever.   You better believe you will be the first house they hit next year, and as your legend grows - the crowds are just going to get bigger and bigger.

Unless you have an unlimited candy budget, and plan to keep it going from now on, or you've got a major candy sponsorship - you might want to consider fun-size.

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