A couple of days ago, on Wednesday, January 25th, Bossier Sheriff's deputies were pleased to find that when it comes to selling alcohol to minors, most all of the locations they checked were playing by the rules.

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The Bossier Sheriff's Office Narcotics Task Force made their rounds throughout Bossier Parish checking gas stations and convenience stores for alcohol sales compliances and a whopping ninety percent of the locations they checked were totally compliant and did not sell alcohol to underage minors.

However, there was one noticeable exception. A clerk at the extremely popular Buc Stop Grocery in Haughton, at the intersection of LA 157 and West McKinley, was cited for selling alcohol to persons under the age of twenty one.

Google Maps
Google Maps

All nine of the other locations checked by the task force were in compliance with the law and did not sell alcohol to an underage buyer.

Those locations include:

• Valero: E. Texas @ Benton Road, Bossier City
• Shed Road Mini Mart: 3010 Shed Road, Bossier City
• Shed Express: Shed Road @ Swan Lake Road, Bossier City
• Dixie Mart: 7770 Dogwood Trail, Haughton
• Rodgers Corner Store: Hwy 80 @ Hwy 157, Haughton
• Haughton Country Store: 9011 Hwy 157, Haughton
• Neighbors: 6050 Hwy 157, Haughton
• 4-Way Country Store: 4482 Hwy 157, Haughton
• Reynolds Country Store: 5461 Hwy 527, Haughton

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