I have never been on a Tinder or a Bumble date, I can't imagine the anxiety one must feel before a date, but I can imagine the anger that several men must have felt when they showed up for a Tinder date just to find out that dozens of others showed up too. This was far from a one on one date, an actress, singer, model, and very much single Natasha Aponte got up on a stage and said "As you may or may not know my name is Natasha, and I have a confession to make for everyone here. Everyone here today was brought to be on a date with me.". Natasha swiped right on several men and convinced them all to show up for a one on one date at Union Square in San Francisco. Unfortunately the men were asked to leave if they didn't meet certain requirements. "No beer bellies, no long beards, no bald guys, no khakis." Natasha said into the microphone.

The men who made certain cuts were able to compete for a real one on one date with Natasha Aponte. We still have no idea who the winner was that got to actually go on a date with Natasha. If you found yourself in this situation would you stay and compete or would you say "see ya!"?

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