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An increasing number of singles are opting out of the dating game in Shreveport-Bossier City in order to stay single. Being single myself, I decided to find out why and the simplest way seemed to ask. Groundbreaking, right?

I guess I've always just thought I needed to be a part of a couple, that it should be a life goal. I'm lucky. I have a great job, an amazing family, and friends that would do anything for me. Even with all of that, I still crave intimacy. Get your mind out of the gutter! Physical intimacy doesn't always equate to sex. To me, it's more of a deeper understanding, being able to communicate with a look with the person that 'gets' you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a romantic at heart, but after being single for over three years, I'm starting to understand why some have decided that they're good with being solo. Here's what I found out.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why Shreveport-Bossier singles are choosing to stay single.

1. Freedom
Quite a few of the people who responded said that they like their current lifestyle and that it would take one heck of a person for them to consider making any changes.

Holly Gleiser

I love to be alone and do what I want lol. As a self-employed person in my field, I work long hours and had too many men try to change that and were too clingy. On my day off if I want to sleep in and watch Netflix all day I can. I love my alone will take someone special that has a lot to offer to disturb my peace... and I don't know if there's a strong enough man out there to handle my independence or not get jealous of my job lol

Lisa Sisk

I learned who I am and gained my independence from being single. I stayed single for a very long time bc I was not ready to share ME with anyone. I guess it was fear of it being taken away from me again.

Jeff-Jenn Patterson

A lot of people are learning you don't have to be with someone to be happy and live a fulfilled life.

Julia Bumpurs

I stay single because I am really happy. I have yet to meet someone who has enhanced my life. Also when dating everyone moves wayyyyyyy too fast, no one takes their time, and if you don’t do or act like they want, with dating apps is too easy for them to just swipe and get someone else who will give in to their wishes. Also being a successful firstly female. Some men hate that LOL

Shannon Wright

Uhhhhh I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, no questions asked. I’m surrounded by incredible friends and we have great times together!! I surround myself with people who I have great conversations with too! No relationship stress or drama. Just the fun stuff! Also, I’m self-employed so I can work late if I want to or need to and no one’s feelings get hurt! I can sleep in in the mornings if I want to and no one is calling me lazy (or telling me how I should be). I’m better able to take care of myself… mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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2. Honesty
I've been a victim of this myself. Just be honest with me. We're all grown here, we can handle the truth... even if it stings!

Ashley Hays

Because people are not honest about their intentions. They’d rather just leave someone hanging than be straight up. Or they pursue people/disturb their piece with no intentions of it ever going anywhere. Easier to just be by yourself. I wouldn’t wish dating in 2022 on my worst enemy.

Juliane Boudreaux

Multiple (and I mean, at least five times) I've had partners present themselves in one way as a front, saying what they think I want to hear, doing whatever they can just to get to the 'in a relationship' point, only to change drastically when they feel secure in that position. I feel lied to every single time and I'm not prepared to face that betrayal again.

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3. Committment
Quite a few people mentioned a lack of commitment by others as a reason to stay single. Personally, I blame this on our current 'swipe' culture. If one doesn't work out, you just start swiping again on the dating app of your choice. NEXT!

Tony Harold

It just doesn’t seem worth it anymore…. The risk of your feelings and opening up completely to someone again vs they might stay around until something better comes along like last time… I just don’t feel there is any commitment anymore…

Chris Ogden

Folks are always looking for the next best thing, social media does not help either

Parker G. Ward

I'll tell you why I am single. I have seen friends and family go through the hardest breakups/divorces. There is a lack of commitment among my generation and younger. Parents are allowing kids to just quit things when it gets tough. Used to, if you were having a hard time on a sports team your parents made you practice harder to get better. The same thing in a relationship/marriage, when times get tough they quit instead of working at it.

Gay couple relaxing in the grass

4. Lack of Options
While several folks pointed out the lack of options in our area, I'd like to point out that it's a lack of 'perceived' options. I'm open to the fact that someone who doesn't look like my 'ideal' at all might just come into my life and sweep me off my feet.

Tracy Agostini

Because look at what’s out there

Pamela Kennedy

Girl! I gave up 14 years of my life to a man who didn’t care. I don’t have 14 more to give so I’d rather be alone than do that again. And the picks in Shreveport/Bossier

Joshua Aaron Hanson

I can’t find anyone who has any ambition, goals, or plans. All that I seem to attract are people chasing a free ride. I want someone who wants to succeed and work hard to get there, but still enjoys traveling and taking breaks. I don’t have to have someone that’s as devoted as I am but you gotta have something to offer. And if you don’t have anything to offer to support the business growing support the home life or have your own career. I have just stopped trying. I’m happier alone than in a bad relationship or one-sided relationship.

Stephanie Judkins

I haven't found that person who my soul sees. That person is the piece of me that's missing. Really that simple. I would rather be single than commit to a lie.

Billy Mott

“Have u been to the DMV lately? It’s a leper colony out there”

Relationship problem - couple portrait
Martin Novak

5. It's Just Not Worth It
I get it, I really do. Dating can be exhausting, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Plus, if you're being truly open to the process, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to judgment and rejection. But you're also leaving yourself open to love. On the flip side, I've worked hard for my peace and I don't want to sacrifice it. Even so, I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet personally, but if folks could learn some boundaries, that would be nice!

Shawn DJ-Nyke Jackson

For me at age 45? I'd say because I'm stuck in my ways, my kids and career come first (and I know most women don't want to be 2nd, let alone 3rd of 4th), and most importantly, I won't settle. I know what I bring to the table as a successful and stable man. I want to be with someone where we complement each other on all aspects of life.
Otherwise, I'm fine being single forever. ‍♂️

Darrell Venable Rhyne

I find when counseling most single people, they are more comfortable going it alone than doing the necessary work on themselves that would prepare them for a successful relationship.

Abbie Weber

I don't share well. I like things my way. I found dating mentally exhausting, I talk for a living (differently than in 'our' days) so the last thing I want is to have a conversation after work. And I didn't see any reason to legally bind myself to anyone if I wasn't planning to have kids.
On the few occasions when I did have a long-term type didn't go well. I found myself conforming to try to be who I thought they would want me to be so I am simply at an age and have the ability to decide that that is not where I want to focus my energy, emotions, and efforts.

Tracey Burnes Justice

My friends don’t lie to me. My friends are willing to have the hard conversations, they pitch in and help when needed. We are always there for each other in good times and in bad. We travel together, we have unconditional love for each other. We’re tough, independent, soft, sweet, funny, and loyal. We do what we say we’re going to do and if we can’t we say it. We have boundaries and we respect each other’s boundaries. We have done the work on ourselves that needed to be done and we’re unapologetic about needing help sometimes. Until there is a man who does not wish to change anything about me, who I feel as comfortable with as I do my friends, who respects, is honest, loyal, and as loving as my friends and I are, I’m perfectly happy staying single.

Diana Schimberg

Simple answer... way more peaceful this way!

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