Ok yes all mothers rock but Millennial Moms are changing the way we look at moms! The US Census says that there are now over 9 Million Millennial(18-35) mothers with 1.5 Million new moms just last year alone!

With technology leading the growth of the world many Millennial Moms have been given the nickname Hybrid Moms! It's a known fact that Millennials aren't making the same as their Baby Boomer parents and with the rising cost of child care that is a huge issue. Millennial Mothers are finding ways to work from home or finding jobs that have flexible hours that allow them to be apart of their childs life.

As someone who is married to a Millennial Mom I think they're amazing!

In the past 9-5pm jobs were the norm but millennials have changed everything pushing more employers to allow workers to set their own schedule. Companies like SAS, IBM, Google, Facebook and Apple are leading the way and many say Millennial Moms are to thank!

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