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Do you know how hard it is to get a cashier's attention? They've seen it all. So, what three items will you take to the register to pique their interest? Shreveport-Bossier is clearly up to the challenge!

So what's the challenge? You get to pick three items sold in Walmart and check out using one of their real, live cashiers. If you can get them to at least raise an eyebrow, you win. If you can make them uncomfortable, you're definitely winning. If they act bored and like they'd rather be anywhere else, even getting a lobotomy, it's time to try again. Just remember, if you don't get video, it didn't happen!

For my first attempt, I believe I'll try feminine deodorant spray, an ear wax removal kit, and some WD-40. Here's what some locals are planning on purchasing. Hopefully, they'll let us know how it goes.

Jeffrey Karch
Some Rit lice control. Bug fogger. New sheets.

Bubba Toney
Roll of plastic, duct tape, and a shovel.

Stephanie Stuart
Batteries, Duct Tape, and a taser.

Peter Ziello
A tarp, weed eater string, and Gorilla Spray Glue. Then tell them “Good thing I have the feathers because you are out.”

Richard McBroom
KY Jelly, tampons, and a lot of gauze.

Renee Vidrine
Lye, shovel, and contractor bags.

Jordan Chreene
Or a rope, a bucket, and lotion.

Arthur Nerio
2 rolls of toilet paper and one big roll of industrial sandpaper... explaining that you are only allowed 2 rolls of paper but need 3

Leigh Santoro
Rat poison, pudding, and a sympathy card...

Kevin Lansing
I was at the dollar store a few years back and bought gas-x and about 5 glade plug-ins. No particular reason I bought these items together, but the cashier and I both had a laugh after I realized how funny it looked when I put it on the register.

After reading these, I'm thinking that none of us are actually 'right' in the head! Feel free to read through the ideas below, add your own and give me a follow!

I’m thinking feminine deodorant spray, an ear wax removal kit, and some WD-40😂

Posted by Erin Bristol on Thursday, April 1, 2021

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