We have always known that you get some of the weirdest stories out of Florida. Must be something in the water or salty air. There is a new odd "challenge" circulating all of our social media accounts that involves crazy news stories and men from Florida. Google "Florida man" then add your birthday to it. For example Florida Man 03/08, then you screenshot the first headline that pops up. Here are the headlines we have gotten in our building.

"Florida man arrested after hitting girlfriend in face with burrito."

"Florida man calls 911 after finding iguana in toilet."

"Florida man shoots Facebook friend in buttocks after political argument."

"Florida man says woman hosed him down for fishing in water she owns"

"Florida man attacked by a 'crazy squirrel' gone nuts. And it was raised by a neighbor"

"Shirtless Florida Man is Back to Confront Hurricane Florence with SLAYER's 'Raining Blood"

What headline pops up for you? Feel free to screenshot it and send it to us or post it in the comments below. Can we just say, "What the Florida?"

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