There is a lot to take in - or let out - in this little tidbit of fashion news. I ran across an article talking about these jeans, and they seemed real enough. I searched and searched for the joke, but never found it. Let's be honest, at this point in our lives, does anything surprise us?

There is a site called Wet Pants Denim and it does seem that you can, indeed, order them from their website. We got as far into ordering to the point of using a credit card, so I would say buyer beware. Their Twitter account is very active along with other mentions, and it seems they are taking jeans and adding a dark stain to the crotch region to make it appear as if the wearer could not hold it any longer. In fact, you can get the jeans in various colors, including white with a yellow stain.

I would assume your next question is similar to mine. Why would anyone want to wear jeans that make it look like you wet your pants? My only answer would be is it has to be a statement piece or maybe even a fetish thing. We won't get into the depths of that rabbit hole, but to each their own. Nevertheless, the product does seem to exist and apparently comes in every style of jean you would find while shopping for jeans: boot cut, slim, skinny, and standard. You can get them in normal blue jeans with a dark blue stain, grey with a black stain, or white with a yellow stain. I would assume the yellow would be to show off the fact that you do not stay properly hydrated.

If you want your own pair, you simply need to place your order on their website and fork out $75. They were doing a promotion where you could send your own jeans in and have them modified with the wet look, but that has since stopped due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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