In an area where you celebrate any contractor actually showing up to work on your house, one Lake Charles homeowner wasn't very happy when this contractor showed up. This past Saturday, the sounds of scraping and hammering were happening all over the area, but it shouldn't have been on this particular house's roof.

The roof on the house had just been replaced a few weeks prior after waiting what seemed like an eternity living under a blue one. The homeowner, like most, has not been living at the home due to it being rebuilt. The neighbor across the street was actually the one expecting to finally get the roof on his house. However, due to an address snafu, the roofers ended up at the house across the street. By the time they realized what was going on and talked to the crew, half of the rear of the wrong house had already been stripped of its brand new shingles and most of its felt.

Bill Coyne
Bill Coyne

After discussing what was going on, the main question that was in my mind was finally answered. How in the world do you get to a house with a new roof and think it needs another new one? The question was answered, and it made sense. With so many contractors coming into the area, some of the jobs are rushed and not done as well as they should be, so other contractors are having to come behind these fly-by-night crews and redo entire roofs that may only be a few weeks old.

The company doing this particular roof said they try their best to make sure the work is being done properly each time, and to the correct house. This was only the second time since Laura that they have made this mistake. Don't worry, the crew immediately replaced everything on the roof with new material. The downside was that it was the material for the house they were actually supposed to be doing that day. Now, the correct house that was expecting the new roof has to wait a bit longer to have his replaced. Although he wasn't exactly pleased with the issue, he understood the issue and joked that he can't wait to say he picked his neighbor's shingles out for him.

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