This week’s featured app is for parents that need help finding the right babysitter. Let me introduce you to Care. Now Care is also a website, So no more asking around and scrambling last minute to find someone to watch your kids- use an app.

Now I’ve never had to get a babysitter. My mother does watch my dog from time to time but that is about as close as it gets for me. Usually I was the babysitter for family members or friends. If you’re like me than you can also use this app to find someone to babysit your dog or apply for jobs like babysitting. And if you need to get your house cleaned you can find a housekeeper as well. If you need someone to watch your elderly grandma then you can find someone to do that.

It is super easy to get started just login through Facebook or an email and start searching for whatever kind of caregiver.

Click here to find out more info about this week’s featured app.

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