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"Flea" Beaty

It wasn't that long ago when we featured "Flea" Beaty as one of our weekly recipients of the Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award. And this guy is so deserving! He's a man a very few words so if it weren't for others telling us of his selfless actions, no one would have ever known the good he's done. He certainly would have never been one to tell of his deeds.

But there's another reason why we're revisiting Flea's story now. It's that name: Flea. He says he was never one to sit around much and his Dad, Lynn Beaty, said he was always hopping around like a "Flea." Thus the nickname stuck and "Chris" disappeared into the past and Flea took hold of the reins.

But "Flea" wasn't the first nickname his Dad handed down. In fact, Lynn likes to hang a nickname on all of those near and dear to his heart. In fact, Flea's brother's nickname is "Boogie" or "Boog" for short. His real name is Travis and one can only imagine what he had to do to earn that alter ego of Boog!

Here in North Louisiana those nicknames mean a lot. They are terms of endearment. In some cases people who might have known that person for years, and have no idea what their real name might be. Only the nickname. So, just what are the "Top Ten Nicknames We've Got in North Louisiana?" Take a look and I'm betting you know at least three or four of these.

Top Ten Nicknames in North Louisiana

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