Shreveport has had its share of bad publicity over the last few years, but when it comes to food, just about no city does it better.

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Seafood, barbecue, steaks, Mexican food; we do them all extremely well in Shreveport, but when it comes to "diner food", we can honestly boast that just about no one does it like we do!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, one of America's favorite places to eat is the "diner" and Shreveport's Strawn's Eat Shop is among the Top 21 diners in the entire country!

Whether patrons are looking for a "stick to your ribs" breakfast of pancakes or a lunch plate full of beef tips and rice or a country fried steak for dinner, Strawn's is all that it's advertised to be.

Just Look At All The Sources That Rave About Them!

If Strawn's was applying for the job as "your favorite diner", their resume would probably blow you away!

  • They were named by Thrillist as one of the top 21 diners in America.
  • BuzzFeed ranked their Favorite Diner's from across the country and Strawn's Eat Shop came in #2 on the list!
  • Back in 2011 Strawn's was named Shreveport’s #1 Most Iconic Restaurant
  • Southern Living Magazine featured Strawn’s Eat Shop’s famous ice box pies in 1994, 2003 and 2009
  • The Food Network featured Strawn’s Eat Shop March 10, 2003 on “The Best Of.”
Strawn's Facebook page
Strawn's Facebook page

What About The Pie?

Of course, what's put Strawn's on the national radar is their pie!  Who could say no to a big slab of their internationally famous strawberry pie or maybe a whole chocolate pie to enjoy later at home?

So, yes Shreveport, we can strut a little!  Our food really is that good and apparently the whole world knows!

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