There have been times when my boyfriend has said things to me that have me turn around and give him the death stare, Instead of him back tracking, he just keeps digging himself a bigger hole. We all know the classic "Does this outfit make me look fat?" trick. I quit asking my boyfriend that because he's a horrid liar and frankly everything I wear can't hide the fact that I am fat. There are some things that my boyfriend says that throw me over the rail like "Okay calm down it's not that big of a deal, you're over reacting again." Okay, seriously? That is supposed to make me "relax"? I went around the office asking several men what they've said that threw their significant other over the rail. Here are some direct quotes.

"My mom should help you with this recipe!" -  Anonymous

"Are you going out like that?" - Carter

"What's up with your hair?" - Brandon

"Do you think that girl is pretty?" - Anonymous

"Simply just don't ever talk about her weight." - Dee

Have you ever said something that put you in the dog house? Has anyone ever said anything to you to make you come unhinged? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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