Who knew that a deep voice could end up being so shallow? Ladies, check your man's voice, if he has a very deep voice chances are that's what attracted you to him in the first place. A new study found that men with deep voices might be more likely to cheat.

Chinese researchers recently published the study where they polled 116 men and 145 women. The question was simple. "How likely are you to stay faithful in a relationship on a scale from 1 to 7?". Guess what? They found that men with deep voices admitted that they were more likely to cheat at some point.

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Why are men with deep voices cheating more often than other men? The researchers think it has to do with the amount of testosterone. Men that have deeper voices tend to have more testosterone. There have been many studies that found a correlation between high testosterone and cheating in a relationship.

The Chinese researchers admitted that although it was a very small sample size for their research, the numbers don't lie.

Ladies, the good news for us os that researchers didn't find any link between women's cheating habits, and how low or how high their voice is. Here I was thinking my low pitch was possibly going to work in my favor and make me seem sexier to the opposite sex. Turns out the "deep" charm only works with men's voices.



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