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Each week, Gary and Bristol shine the light on one of our local residents who help to make Kiss Country the greatest place in the world to live, and this week, our recipient is the one and only Theresa Haigler.

When I saw this week's nomination letter, which was submitted anonymously, I just knew we had to get in contact with Theresa. While I've never met her personally, she's a part of my church and I've heard wonderful things about her. I also happen to be acquainted with some of her family and friends and know for a fact that she surrounds herself with some amazing people.

Just take a look at her nomination:

I have worked with Theresa for many years and have seen her heart in motion on many different levels. This woman loves so big in everything she does. If there is anything needed at work, she will not quit until the job is done. Her husband, John, and her find time outside of their working hours to make sure that any given job gets done. But not just done, I mean over the top, done. She makes sure all the children she comes in contact with, are met with a smile and a genuinely kind spirit on a daily basis. But, it's not just the fact of doing for others in a tangible way, it's her spirit and love for Jesus, that makes her a one-of-a-kind person. This past year was a hard one for my family. I knew I could count on her. I felt the love of Jesus through her. I have never told her this, but she was my current reminder that we were going to be ok. How can you ever repay someone for that? You can't! But what I can do, is let everyone know that there are still genuine, kind-hearted, giving people out there. These are the people who do not expect anything in return. These are the people who truly do good deeds because it's the right thing to do. These are the people that do not like the limelight but deserve recognition. The only way I could think to tell her how special she is is to shout it from the rooftops for everyone to hear. Since I couldn't actually do that, that is where Kiss Country's Caught in the Act award came into play. I hope everyone finds their Theresa.

Thank you for being so amazing, Theresa! And because you've been "Caught in the Act," the gang at Silverstar has a $100 Gift Certificate for you so you can take a night off from the kitchen!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Theresa to let her know that she was this week's Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award recipient.

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