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The facts are in and it's pretty obvious that most all of us have a co-worker that totally annoys us. The sad part of these findings is when you realize that YOU could be the one that's annoying someone else.

Zippia did a research piece that discovered 92% of us have a co-worker that we find annoying and compiled a list of what was the most annoying behavior from each state.

Annoying Behavior - Zippia

When I discovered that the biggest complaint we have here in the Bayou State was tardiness, I nearly applauded. That's my biggest complaint with those I work with. To me, being punctual shows respect and integrity for the job.

However, if I was working in Texas, I WOULD BE THE ONE that annoys my co-workers as their biggest complaint is the worker who is "Too Loud." I'd be guilty as charged. My wife says I don't even know how to whisper.  In fact, I would probably be unwelcome in most states as that seems to big the biggest complaint in the whole country. Might mean that I need to work on curbing my exuberance.

Some of the biggest complaints including things like being messy, sending unnecessary emails, eating smelly food and being too distracting, but the ones below are the overall winners...or should I make that "Losers?"

  • Too Loud
  • They gossip
  • They're lazy
  • They're bad at their job
  • Bad personal hygiene
  • They complain or whine too much (Yeah Karen, this is you)
  • They're too pessimistic, or have a bad attitude
  • They're a know-it-all
  • They're constantly late
  • They take too many sick days.  A few more from the top 20 include being messy . . . being too distracting . . . sending unnecessary emails . . . eating smelly food . . . and over-sharing things about their personal life.

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