Today I did something that has the promise of "I will get you back just wait" promises lining up outside my office door. Here is what I did in five easy steps. Keep in mind I did this for my enjoyment, and some people on my Snapchat (username:Krystalvpistol) actually had a good laugh.I keep getting asked if my payback has come, not yet.

Step 1: Groom your co-workers into thinking you love to bake. Bring cookies and pass them around. Do this for a few weeks. They'll start to expect it from you.

Step 2: Get dog treats. My friend brews beer at home, he used all the leftovers to make dog treats that my dog goes nuts over.

Step 3: Pack up the dog treats the same way you packed up the cookies. This way your co-workers just reach for the treat instead of questioning you.

Step 4: Have your camera ready. I am always using Snapchat, so my co-workers weren't suspicious when I walked up with a camera in hand.

Step 5: Share it. Post that video on Snapchat or Facebook. When your friends watch the video back of themselves eating a dog treat, hopefully they laugh. Their mom and spouse will too.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

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