Trusting someone in a romantic relationship is simultaneously the most important and the most dangerous thing you can do.  Sure, you could blindly trust and open yourself up for disappointment and heartbreak.  You could also clam up and never trust anyone.  You won't get played, but you also won't experience some of the best experience life has to offer.

Let's say you find the right person, and a romantic relationship blossoms.  Congratulations!  Then, you find out that your new partner has a "friend," from work that they are always talking about.  Laughing out loud at texts from them, eating lunch with them, maybe even dressing a little sharper for them - but nothing more.  Are you being cheated on?  According to the New York Post - the answer is no, but you are being micro-cheated on.  Micro-cheating is a new term for an old problem.  It occurs when you seek attention and approval from a person with whom a romantic relationship is technically possible.  It breaks down like this, if you are doing something with or saying something to someone other than your significant other that you would not do with your significant other right there and you aren't cheating in the carnal or physical - you are micro-cheating.

As I am sure you can guess, Micro-cheating is a gateway flirting technique.  Once you get used to it, you'll probably move on to the hard stuff (regular cheating).

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