Next time you walk into your favorite restaurant, choose your seat carefully, because it could actually determine just how much you eat.  

Cornell University has just released the findings of a study in which researchers observed people at over two dozen different restaurants across the country. According to the results, there are four common factors that can subconsciously make you eat less, and eat healthier.

1. Pick a table in a well lit area. Researchers determined that patrons sitting in the darker sections of restaurants tended to eat more. Though they aren't exactly sure why, the thought was that possibly being in a darker area made those people less self-conscious, and that other patrons wouldn't be able to see them over-eating.

2. Sit close to the door. For some reason, people who sat farthest from the door ate the fewest salads. And they were 73% more likely to order dessert than the average customer.

3. Sit at a table, not a booth. People who sat at booths ordered fattier foods and ate more. Meanwhile, people who sat at high-top tables were more likely to start with a salad and skip dessert.

4. Don't sit facing a television. Just like when you're at home, watching TV can cause mindless eating. And the researchers found that the closer someone was to a TV, the more they ate.

Hey, it was all on the internet, so it must be true....right?