We convinced Lindsey at Great Raft to let us crash the brewery and bring crawfish along. As the newbie in the south I needed to get the inside scoop on the best local beer to pair with crawfish.

According to Lindsey you should stick with the Southern Drawl a dry hopped Pilsner made with Louisiana rice from Crowley. It's light easy drinking, and you're keeping it Southern. When you're a few batches of crawfish in, you can switch to Commotion. Commotion is a yummy American Pale Ale, the fruity aroma of grapefruit and citrus mixed with that hop taste is different, but finishes great. It's hard to describe the unique flavors, you'll have to try them for yourself. If you're wanting more options when it comes to pairing beer with crawfish be on the lookout. Great Raft has a new beer and it's going to be a tasty golden ale. Details below.

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