Wednesday of this week, Governor Landry applied for federal assistance to crawfish farmers to help them recover their losses after last year's record-breaking drought.

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Landry says the disaster declaration should result in federal assistance for farmers struggling to catch crawfish because of last year’s historic drought.

Less than twenty four hours later, we finally received some good news regarding prices on our beloved mudbugs.


Acadia Parish crawfish farmer Brent Lamm says it's been a tough year thus far, but apparently things are beginning to look a little better.

“The last two weeks it has gotten a lot better compared to what it was. Still nowhere near what we do on a normal year.”

According to a story from the Louisiana Radio Network, we hear from Laney King, co-founder of the Crawfish App, that crawfish prices are finally on the decline, dropping about a dollar per pound this week, with the state's average of about $5.99 per pound for boiled crawfish and the price of a sack of crawfish lowering to around $160,

“January there weren’t very many crawfish. February a little bit better, but in March we’re really seeing the catch pick up. The fishermen and farmers are telling us supply is up and that is driving prices down,” said King.

However, according to King, we could see prices lower slightly, but likely it won't be a whole lot less.

They’re going to just going to kind of stay elevated for the rest of the season I think but now through Easter, we can expect at least a small price drop every week,” said King.

Speaking with our own "crawfish expert" of sorts, Erin McCarty, we learned that locally, boiled prices are down about $2 a pound from last week and more places now have them available.  The lowest price for boiled in SBC is 8.99 a pound.

McCarty did find that one place has them for $7.99 per pound, but you have to buy a minimum of 10 pounds.

Live crawfish prices are also down by about 2 bucks a pound, but you should note that they are small and you should probably call ahead because the supply is still low.

Just take a look at the most recent crawfish prices here in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

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