Okay, did you get inked? Do you have a good story about your tattoo? Even better, looking back now--was your tattoo a mistake? It's usually a pretty good bet that if you were willing to have it permanently inked into your skin that there is a story behind it. And we wanna hear that story!


We (Turner and McCoy) both have one tattoo each.

Gary recently got his very first and only tattoo. Now, I'm sure you can imagine that Gary didn't wait all these years to just run out and pick a dolphin off the wall of some random tattoo studio because he was acting on a whim. No, Gary's tattoo is very special to him. Check out Gary's tattoo and the story behind it here.

Mine (Tracy) is a "what the heck was I thinking" mistake. I definitely have plans to remove it. I'm actually just waiting for one of those half off Seize the Deal tattoo removal opportunities to pop up and as soon as it does I'm seizing that sucker and heading down to get this mistake removed. I was 18, young and dumb. My tattoo is actually a funny conversation piece, the conversation usually starts like this when someone sees my tattoo: "What is it?" or "Is that a pineapple?" or even "Is that a Jesus fish?" It's never a good thing to have an unidentifiable object in permanent ink on your body. I'll just let you guess what it is supposed to be. . . it's much more fun this way.