Tell Us About Your Tattoo [PHOTOS]
Okay, did you get inked? Do you have a good story about your tattoo? Even better, looking back now--was your tattoo a mistake? It's usually a pretty good bet that if you were willing to have it permanently inked into your skin that there is a story behind it. And we wanna hear that story!
Luke Bryan Drunk Tweets
It's the new age version of the drunk dial: Country singer out enjoying an anniversary dinner with his wife + too much alcohol + a smartphone = entertainment! Luke did leave a $150 dollar tip at the sushi place, even after he took to twitter to rant about the restaurant making him take his hat …
Job Interview Mistakes
Competition is high for the few unfilled job positions and that stress is causing some folks to make terrible mistakes during their interview...and ulitmately costing them the job.  
When asked what the most outrageous blunders they had encountered interviewing candidates were, hiring manag…