It's the new age version of the drunk dial: Country singer out enjoying an anniversary dinner with his wife + too much alcohol + a smartphone = entertainment! Luke did leave a $150 dollar tip at the sushi place, even after he took to twitter to rant about the restaurant making him take his hat off. I've got it all here for you. . . enjoy!

It all started last night with a nice anniversary dinner at a sushi restaurant. . .

Here are Luke's Anniversary Tweets in order of chaotic occurrence


LukeBryanOnline: "It's my anniversary. Daddys getting lucky."


Four hours later, the following tweets came pouring onto Luke's twitter account:

LukeBryanOnline: Hey y'all. It's been a great night. But. How ever. Virago the sub par sushi joint made me take my hat off mid meal.

LukeBryanOnline: After 2 bottles of dom. So will never eat mediocre sushi again on my anniversary

LukeBryanOnline: So pissed

LukeBryanOnline: Join me in my boycott of virago. Sushi restaurant against those who sing and perform country music

LukeBryanOnline: Photo Upload

LukeBryanOnline: Oh I forgot to mention that I put it on as I was levin leaving.

LukeBryanOnline: Yes I left a 150 dollar tip. Had the manager not scolded me like a child I would have left double that. If the server would like to claim the rest of the tip

LukeBryanOnline: If the server would like to claim the rest of their tip please contact me here

LukeBryanOnline: Yee oh country world. Join in arms to maintain the integrity of dining. Would red lobster t

LukeBryanOnline: Treat us this way. Hell no.

LukeBryanOnline: Good night everyone

LukeBryanOnline: Let me .clear the air.

LukeBryanOnline: I'm is drunk. Love y'all. See y'all in the morning

LukeBryanOnline: Word up everyone. Good morning.

At this point a fan tweeted Luke that he lost a couple points with her and she hoped that he wouldn't let this "country superstar stuff" go to his head and Luke replied "Okay I'll watch myself".

LukeBryanOnline: Hey y'all good morning. I feel great. About to eat a lovely all american breakfast. Wine, beer, champagne, and more beer. Yee haw


Here is a photo of Luke's most recent tweet, posted 1 hour ago, apologizing and saying he was being silly and got carried away:


Since sobering up Luke has apologized a couple of times on his twitter page for using choice language and to the sushi restaurant. Bet he still doesn't go back.

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Happy Anniversary Luke and Caroline! Thank you for taking us along via Twitter! We enjoyed it! Maybe Red Lobster next time?