Have you ever had a friend so obsessed with pickles she makes you scour all the beer and liquor stores for pickle beer? No? Just me? Cool. I will never be a fan of pickles but for some reason all my best friends are obsessed. They go as far as getting pickled flavored sunflower seeds.

When I found out about the pickle paradise opening up in Fort Worth I instantly texted my friend to plan our road trip. Yes, I am that friend who supports my buddy's bad habits. My friend's pickle fantasies are all about to come true.

According to ABC 8, The Best Maid Pickle Emporium opens today in Fort Worth, this will no doubt become a tourist destination for pickle lovers all over the nation. Emily Christy the director of marketing for Best Maid's told ABC 8 that people were already blowing up their phones with calls from Washington, California, and even from Australia. How lucky are we that it's just half a gas tank away?

Best Maid was first made in 1926 and they have dominated the pickle game ever since. You can learn all the pickle things at the Pickle Emporium, you can even see pictures of Best Maid’s humble beginnings in a Mansfield home to its current massive distribution center.

Wear your pickle pride shirt proudly and you can even purchase cups, dog toys, shirts, sweaters, socks, and even pickle putters. If it's pickle related, you can probably get it at the Pickle Emporium. the best part is that you can try some unreleased or rare flavors not found in stores.

The Best Maid Pickle Emporium is located at 829 W Vickery Blvd in Fort Worth, Texas.  Pickle Paradise will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.


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