Without fail, I will order a cheeseburger NO PICKLES, and stress the no pickles part every sing time. Most of my friends are obsessed with pickles, in fact, one of the grossest shots I have ever been forced to take was a pickle shot. Pickle juice and vodka should never mix. Sonic won't be left out when it comes to surprising us with America's favorite condiment, they'll always go above and beyond. I hope you're ready, Sonic is going to release a pickle slush this Summer.

Some people will swear that fries and a burger have no better BFF, the pairing may have been made in fast food heaven, or maybe in Sonic headquarters, the point is, the South is ready, for a unique slush all our own. I guess nothing quite says America quite like a pickle slush right? Do you plan to try this new sonic flavored slush this upcoming Summer?

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