Traffic accidents are the #1 killer of kids aged 3-14 in the United States, so making sure that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up the right way could be the most important tip for parents trying to protect their bundles of joy.  To help out families that are having trouble purchasing the correct child safety seat, Sonic is once again releasing it's incredibly popular calendar - and the proceeds will fund a program that will help kids stay safe in the car.

Sonic Drive-in's Tot Calendar not only helps you determine the date, but it also helps you figure out what's for dinner!  The annual calendar contains over $45 in coupons for your Sonic favorites!  According to the Advertiser, the program provided more than 3,000 free safety seats for Louisiana families last year.

Making sure you have the right car seat for your little one can be a source of constant stress for parents.  If it freaks you out, you're not alone.  Lots of moms and dads aren't even sure if they are using the right seat.  Rear facing, forward facing, booster - it can be confusing.  Find out exactly which seat you need from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by clicking here.

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