Tracy Byrd and Wife Injured in Car Accident
Country star Tracy Byrd and his wife Michele were injured in a car accident in Texas on Tuesday afternoon. According to 12 News Now in Beaumont, Department of Public Safety Trooper Stephanie Davis said the ‘Keeper of the Stars’ singer and his wife were  driving northbound on Highway 69 in a Ford Ex…
You Know It’s Monday When….
Hey gang, it's Gary McCoy and this morning Tracy Turner and I kept being reminded just how much of a "Monday" it really is.  Seemed like everything was going wrong...from cars bursting into flames in downtown Shreveport to the attached music video.  So, we decided to list several things th…
Man Doesn’t Notice He Shot a Nail Into His Skull
We’ve all left a bathroom without realizing we have a piece of toilet paper stuck to our shoe. Dante Autullo of Orland Park, Illinois took that type of embarrassing lack of recognition to an absurd extreme when he left a project he was working on in his garage without reali…
Car Lands On Top Of House
Okay, so imagine you and your spouse are laying in bed and all of a sudden you hear a loud crash.  Obviously, you jump up and try to investigate the cause.  Burglar?  Nope?  Tornado? Nope.  And then you discover, THERE'S A CAR ON YOUR ROOF!  It really happened!

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