I was grocery shopping and all of a sudden I see a cooler full of green packaging. I saw several people stop and grab a green package. I was very intrigued so I walked up and to my surprise, Pickle Pops aren't just a Pinterest idea anymore, they're now stocked a mile high in your local Walmart, HEB, and all over Amazon.


I hate pickles, unless if I am in Canton, TX for first Monday, then I can dabble with some fried pickles and ranch. Other than that count me out. I have a friend who her favorite, mixed drink involves pickle juice, I have always thought it's the worst flavor ever. People I know swear by pickle juice to help with acid reflux and I know several athletes who drink pickle juice religiously.  If you go to Bob's Pickle Pops website you'll see that they target athletes for their product because they're a lifesaver for several marathon runners.