Growing up in California I loved heading to the Los Angeles area to hang out with my grandma and cousins. The best part of visiting Grandma, the snacks! Have you ever had Mexican Street Corn? Its corn on the cob to the next level. Basically, corn on a stick and crema (cream) or mayonnaise, cotija cheese, and cayenne pepper, it's a street food classic in Mexico. I remember the first time my cousin put lime on our Hot Cheetos, I thought we were geniuses up until I realized everyone in L.A. had been eating their Cheetos that way for a while. It has been a while since I bought a Topo Chico and some Hot Cheetos, which used to be a favorite snack of mine. Luckily there's a new company that can make your Mexican-American cravings show up at your doorstep, the name will make your neighbors tilt their head, Hoodrat Snacks.

One San Antonio woman is making some serious cash after she realized many of her favorite snacks aren't sold everywhere. She's making it easy for people to get a hold of their favorite munchies from Mexican candy to Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Get all your favorite Mexican American cravings in your mailbox every month. You can start out at $18 a month and Hoodrat Snacks will send you a box full of delicious munchies. You can also order certain kits like; Ultimate Michelada Kit, Frito Pie Kit, and even a Hot Cheetos & Cheese Kit.

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