Have you ever felt guilty for going back for a second sample at the grocery store?  How about thirds, or even fourths?  You are not alone - in fact, that guilt is part of a secret plan to get you to buy that product!  The mysterious world of the product sample master is filled with clever tricks to get you to try and buy the items they are pushing.

Not only do they want you to take multiple samples, but they are counting on the guilt you feel for over-sampling to act a driving force in your decision to purchase said item.  They also have to stay within 12 feet of the sample station, and have several strategies when it comes to kids - especially in regards to food allergies.

By the way, the sample demonstrators have a name for you if you are taking more than one of what they're offering - sample ninja.  If you want to find out more about the secret world of sample slingers  - check out this in depth look from Mental Floss.

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