Bristol's Princeton Kitchen - Energizing Coffee Drink
If you've been on Facebook, you've seen the plethora of recipes that are shared on a daily basis. I started out by saving a few, then I decided, why not try out a few of the recipes and share my findings? Thus began, Bristol's Princeton Kitchen.
Recipe – Spiced Tea
This orange, lemony, spicy concoction has been part of my family as long as I can remember. You'll find many variations, but this is how we make spiced tea. My friends always request it around this time of year, the requests became so overwhelming a couple years ago that I began gifting them wi…
Recipe – Tony Chachere Brisket — Delicious!
The Tony Chachere Cooking Rig was set up at the Sportsman's Expo a couple weeks ago and we went wild over the unbelievable brisket they served up. It was melt in your mouth good! People were coming back for seconds and thirds! The best news: We have the recipe!
Recipe – Crock Pot Dr. Pepper Roast Beef
I'm in love with my crock pot. Seriously. I want to write it love notes and give it massage, instead I threw a hunk of raw meat covered in Dr. Pepper in it at 3 am this morning. And in 6-8 hours I'm going to enjoy the fruits of my lack of labor. This is the easiest and most fabulous &q…
Swepco’s Roasted Raccoon – Lunch! [RECIPE]
Here is a fabulous and timely recipe for Raccoon and Sweet Potatoes. If you haven't already heard, Swepco roasted a raccoon this morning. The poor critter wandered into a South Shreveport substation in the wee hours this morning and BOOM! BBQ! Coon. . . the other white meat.
Recipe – Copy Cat Cane’s Sauce
This morning we've been talking about the best fried chicken in Kiss Country. Gary's vote is for Kentucky Fried Chicken Original. Tracy loves the chicken strips from the new Chicken Express in South Bossier. The only thing that would make the Chicken Express strips better is Cane's di…
Recipe – Red Beans and Rice
It's Monday in our great State of Louisiana. Monday traditionally means Red Beans and Rice! Get the bacon grease and big 'ole pot ready, it's time to cure the gloomy Monday blues with some comfort food.

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