'Tis the season for meals that cook all day long filling your home with delicious aromas.

I was gifted a slow cooker after a roommate of mine was getting married and received two off of her registry. Boy, you would have thought I had just been proposed to with that gift. I was elated to receive what I believe is one of the best kitchen gadgets to have in your home. Ever since I was a kid, I loved smelling that meal cooking away all day long.

It made eating feel like an all-day event.

So, in my quest to find new slow cooker recipes, I stumbled across "The Best Slow Cooker Recipes from Every State" on Taste of Home. Jackpot! Not only could I find new recipes to test out, but I could eat my way through the nation. Basically, Taste of Home received a bunch of slow cooker recipes from cooks all over and determined which ones were the best in each state.

They chose a recipe for Shrimp Chowder for Louisiana.

This recipe was submitted by Will Zunio of Gretna, Louisiana. It's a rich and creamy shrimp soup that only takes four hours to cook in a slow cooker. And, of course, it's got Creole seasoning in it.

Will you try this recipe at home?

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