If you've been on Facebook, you've seen the plethora of recipes that are shared on a daily basis. I started out by saving a few, then I decided, why not try out a few of the recipes and share my findings? Thus began, Bristol's Princeton Kitchen.

You'll find that I'm not big on measuring things and I hardly ever use salt because we use Tony's in the south!

Here's my first experiment! I saw the original source recipe above and attempted to recreate it realizing I didn't have any honey! Instead, I used Torani sugar-free chocolate syrup to sweeten the drink... after all, it does have coffee in it! Because I've started kickboxing and Zumba lessons, I also added a scoop of Zeal Vanilla Cream protein. The result is a pretty tasty drink and one that provides long lasting energy!

Torani sugar-free chocolate syrup (I used this in place of honey)
1c Almond milk
2tbs Almond butter (Optional)
1 scoop vanilla flavored protein (this is a modification that I added)
Cup of coffee (I like trying different flavors)

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