11 Things to Do to Succeed in Life
A laminated piece of paper caught my eye. It read "Things to Do to Succeed in Life" it was dated 5-27-11. I read it three times over in disbelief, here are some life hacks I didn't know I needed to read.
Buck Yeah!
Have you taken your kids hunting yet? Have they gotten their first deer? Post the photo in the comments below, and tell us about your little one and their first hunting experience.
How Much Sleep Do You Get?
There really are not enough hours in the day. Especially when Sunday night rolls around and you aren't quite ready to let go of the weekend. So, as you are milking the last minutes of freedom out of the weekend, you are also losing valuable sleep. How many hours of sleep do you average per nigh…
City Girl in the Country Part II
It has recently come to my attention that I hate bugs. Not all bugs. I like lady bugs and butterflies...dragonflies are ok when they aren't in my car or face. When I was a kid I used to capture caterpillars and my Granny would get wasp nests for me and I'd watch them grow in a ja…

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