It seems like everyday there is a new report about a new superfood or some amazing advancement of medical science that will extend our lives.  It's not a bunch of snake oil either, the life expectancy for an average North American citizen today is between 79 (men) and 81 (women) years old.  100 years ago, those numbers were dramatically lower - 48 and 54 respectively.  Futurist Dr Ian Pearson, an engineer and inventor from Ipswich, claims that if you were born after 1970 and you survive until 2050 - you might just live indefinitely.  

In the purist definition of the word, we are already living indefinitely, but Dr. Pearson's vision is closer to immortal.  Due to incredible advancements in lab grown tissues, it may be possible to have a new, custom-matched organ installed to replace a failing one.  New frontiers in gene-therapy by researchers like Aubrey De Grey could even render that tech obsolete by taking a drug that simply tells our body to regrow and rejuvenate everything - thus making us eternally young and healthy.

Some researchers believe that the key to extending human life is to leave behind that pesky body altogether by uploading our conscious minds to a digital storage device.  Then, the length of our lives would only depend on how long the power stays on.

Regardless of the method, a growing number of scientists now believe that the first person to live to the ripe old age of 1,000 and beyond is already walking among us.

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