A couple of days ago I had the best beef jerky ever! Well let me back up there, I had the best deer jerky ever. One of our sales professionals shot her first deer on her birthday weekend and got some of the most delicious meat processed. Every year, Gary McCoy makes deer chili for the station. Clearly we love good food around here.

If you listen to the Morning Show, you already know Gary McCoy loves the outdoors, fishing and hunting. When we discussed hunting and him taking his boys out to hunt he explained that he used their first kill as a life lesson. "I looked at my son and told him the importance of recognizing that he had taken a life. You can't change that after it's done" I never had thought about turning a weekend of hunting into life lessons. I think it's great that so many parents take the time to educate their children of the importance of consequences. I have yet to go out hunting for deer, but one thing I do know is that the first deer you get must have you on some kind of country high! Have you taken your kids hunting yet? Have they gotten their first deer? Post the photo in the comments below, and tell us about your little one and their first hunting experience.

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