This weekend my boyfriend and I drove to see his parents and help them with their move. The house that my boyfriend and his siblings were raised in went from furniture in every corner and picture frames taking over the walls to boxes everywhere. The driveway was packed with trucks and trailers and random yells of "pick this end up" and "Lift this on three. One, two oh wait, strap that other piece down!" While the guys loaded up the trucks I helped my boyfriends mother with her bookshelf. A laminated piece of paper caught my eye. It read "Things to Do to Succeed in Life" it was dated 5-27-11. I read it three times over in disbelief, here are some life hacks I didn't know I needed to read. I am so glad I stumbled upon that piece of paper. I never had the honor of meeting Lynn Charles Dowden Sr, also known as Papa, however the wise business man and loving father and grandfather had 11 things to share before his passing in 2013.

  1. Always put God first regardless of circumstances.
  2. Always do things to make your parents proud of you. Never forget what your parents taught you.
  3. Pray and wait for that special person that God has chosen for you.
  4. Everyone knows right from wrong, just stop and think, and always do the right thing.
  5. History repeats itself. So when making a big decision in life take advice from older people, they have been through it and know the best thing to do.
  6. Remember your job is your best investment. Always work hard and do your best.
  7. If possible, don't ever get your first credit card.
  8. If you want something save your money and buy it, don't get it on credit with the exception of your home.
  9. When managing your money, be sure to give your tithes to God first, and then save at least 10% of your money. God will bless you with the rest.
  10. Don't ever get caught up in what other people are doing. Make your own decisions based on what is wrong and what is right.
  11. When you see something you want, just slow down and think about it. You may find out later you can do without it or don't need it at all.

- Papa and Nan

Just in case you needed some secrets to life courtesy of Papa and Nan Dowden.


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