Labor Day Stories – Labor and Delivery
We know Labor Day isn't about giving birth to a child.  Not that kind of "labor", but mishaps in the delivery room are so much funnier.  So, that's what we want to relive for this holiday weekend.  The pain and misery of labor is often referenced in daily life: "I'd rather endure childbirth than stand in line at Walmart on a Saturday morning," you get the point. Some folks walk
World Down Syndrome Day – Celebrating Life
March 21 is Down Syndrome Day. I ran across this video last week along with a shocking story of a family who won a "wrongful birth" lawsuit after the birth of their daughter who has Down Syndrome. This video brought tears to my eyes and I really think everyone should see it.
Everyone is having babies!
My cousin and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the world today. She's beautiful and honestly, I must say that it is a little unfair to see these beautiful women give birth and look amazing afterwards. They are doing the Duggar thing I think. Not...