March 21 is Down Syndrome Day. I ran across this video last week along with a shocking story of a family who won a "wrongful birth" lawsuit after the birth of their daughter who has Down Syndrome. This video brought tears to my eyes and I really think everyone should see it.

We were inspired by a video, in which mothers were asked if they could go back, and say something to themselves, before they became mothers, what would you say? So we decided we would ask all parents if they could go back before they had a baby, or adopted a baby with down syndrome, what would you say? Their responses were beyond anything we dreamed. This video, celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, summarizes and brings to light exactly why we celebrate this day! We hope that others will see that our lives are filled with love and joy, and all things that are good and amazing. -International Down Syndrome Coalition

International Down Syndrome Coalition

World Down Syndrome Day

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