The odds of giving birth to sextuplets is approximately one in 4.7 billion.  Just to put that into perspective - the odds of winning the Multi-state Powerball Lottery (about $750 million) is about 1 in 300 million.  With those odds, I definitely suggest that Thelma Chiaka buy an armload of tickets.  last week, Thelma delivered an astonishing 6 babies in 9 minutes!

That's 2 sets of twin boys and a set of twin girls in less than 540 seconds!  In between the hours of 4:50 am and 4:59 am on March 15th, gave birth to all 6 relatively healthy infants all weighing between one pound, 12 ounces and two pounds, 14 ounces.  All of the babies are currently in stable condition in the Neo-natal unit at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston.

At this time, no names for the boys have been announced.  But, according to People Magazine, Thelma has decided to name the girls Zina and Zuriel.

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